Visualization of intelligent digitalization - the three major development directions of traditional building intercom

Visualization of intelligent digitalization - the three major development directions of traditional building intercom

2016-04-07 09:40

Since the building intercom products entered the Chinese market in the 1990s, in the development process of more than 20 years, the building intercom industry in China has remained stable due to the huge market demand brought about by the booming domestic real estate industry. Rapid growth.

Nowadays, with the continuous expansion of the market, the range of applications of video intercom is becoming wider and wider, but the accompanying product mismatch has also led to the lack of confidence of many real estate developers. The slowdown or even stagnation of product updates is now a must. A big problem. There are several difficulties in building intercom.


1. The development of the combination of building intercom and smart home

In recent years, the smart home market has been heated up, especially in 2014, Baidu, 360, LeTV, Xiaomi and other companies have launched intelligent products. Although the entire smart home market has been heated up, this enthusiasm does not seem to be transmitted to the market and users, the overall market application of smart home is still tepid.
2. Fully digitized building intercom
Mainly focused on these points, the same price can not be achieved with analog products, technical standards are not uniform; second, the practicality of product functions needs to be strengthened; finally, the operation is complicated, the products are too human-centered, and the learning cost is high.
3, the development of building intercom Internet +
Emerging technologies such as mobile Internet, Internet of Things, cloud platform, and cloud computing are all subverting the development of the industry. Traditional security companies are facing deepening reforms and transformation and upgrading. How to make application innovation of products, especially how to combine the Internet of Things technology, detection and sensing technology, biometrics, information communication technology and security technology, most of the current positioning of the manufacturer is also the equipment R&D manufacturer, how to combine "Internet +" uses Internet thinking to conduct business operations and foster new growth points for enterprises. These are the challenges that enterprises need to face.
The future development direction of building intercom products
In the future, on the basis of traditional products, the integration of third-party payment, smart city, video surveillance, community o2o e-commerce and other integrated life service platforms and community operation platforms will become the development trend of building intercom products. The following three mainstream applications will become the main direction for the development of next-generation building intercom products.
1. Interactive security platform
The equipment that the non-speaking zone does not speak; the owner has invested heavily in the monitor that can only be seen by the security guard; the local alarm that is stolen at home is known to the home. These are the typical characteristics of the traditional dumb security. The traditional security equipment is coming. The more it is rejected by users. The intelligent interactive security that can sign, report, and report on the WeChat and Weibo ladder machines and alarms is becoming the mainstream of the market.
2. Upgrade from "doorbell" to intelligent "doorman"
Machine butler is one of the main features of the next generation of intercom, it can monitor the access situation for the owners, monitor the situation of the home defense zone, and instantly connect with the owner through WeChat/Weibo. It can help you look after the elderly and children, and report the location and health information of the elderly and children in real time.
With the application of innovative applications on the building intercom platform, the building intercom will also be upgraded from a single “doorbell” to a smart “doorman”, providing more convenient machine butler services for the owners.
3. Integrated life service platform
Provide integrated community life services, and actively push the “what is worth buying” of the surrounding supermarkets for the owners, and “snap” the supermarket specials at home. Through the next-generation intercom integrated service platform, you can pay property fees/parking fees, you can purchase monitoring service packages, elderly/child positioning service packages, and work more closely with the property, and there is a real-life property service interaction. The integrated life service platform has received widespread attention outside the building intercom industry and will gradually penetrate into the community.
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