Security knowledge network on our products JD-GP11 GSM touch + display integrated alarm host evaluation

Security knowledge network on our products JD-GP11 GSM touch + display integrated alarm host evaluation

2016-10-15 01:47
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New structure design, exquisite, stylish, rare support for multiple wireless access detectors, stable functions, SMS, phone, APP, etc.
Senior team, professionally designed
Although the Guardian Alarm Product Line team was formed in just three months, it has many years of industry experience and a deep understanding of the technology and market of the alarm industry. As a result, the team from the day of the formation, coupled with the strong back of the Guardian Group financial support, its starting point, positioning in the alarm industry is quite high.
The team designed the products and functions with the concept of “Internet of Things”. As early as half a month ago, a&s witnessed a series of beautifully designed alarm products at its Guardian Manufacturing Center in Jiangxi. This time, I shared a JD with you. -GP11 touch + display integrated alarm host.
When I first saw the alarm host and its supporting detector series, it gave people a sense of novelty. The author once mistakenly designed the beautifully designed JD-GP11 as a visual intercom indoor extension. The machine adopts strong pressure on the ABS engineering plastic shell, and the front is a full acrylic scratch-resistant panel, which is available in white, local gold, silver ash and other color combinations. The upper and lower sides are arc design; the upper side of the panel is 2.8” large liquid crystal display (supporting screen saver energy saving function), used for alarm information and setting menu display; battery and cloth are disarmed, respectively, on the left and right sides of the display. Alarm, GSM 4 indicators, equipment and system operating status at a glance. The bottom of the LCD screen is the touch keyboard area of ​​the machine (30s no operation backlight automatically off), providing one-button arming, one-button disarming, home mode, settings and Number keys, etc.
2.8 LCD display and indicator
Then observe the rear panel of the machine, the design is also simple, the main design is to release the shrapnel, loudspeaker, power socket, SIM card slot, wired zone / sound and light alarm interface. It should be noted that the rear panel of the machine is designed with two quick-fit mounting holes for easy installation and maintenance. In addition, the host has built-in 7.2V/800MH rechargeable battery. When the mains is cut off, the alarm system can still work normally for more than 8 hours, ensuring that the security alarm system works safely and reliably.
Overall, the design of the mainframe is exquisite, and the main focus is the fashion style route in the consumer field. From the R&D team formation to the product line formation, it can be developed and innovated in such a short time, further supporting the powerful technology of the Guardian alarm line. strength.
◆GSM + multiple wireless access flexible networking mode
Guardian provides alarm host with multiple alarm information uploading management center communication methods, such as GSM, GSM+WiFi, GSM+PSTN, etc. JD-GP11 is the most common and the simplest GSM upload communication alarm host. . The access to the detector is provided in both wired and wireless modes, and is mainly wireless. Unlike the industry's mainstream single technology, Guardian JD-GP11 provides a wide range of wireless access modules, supporting Lora, Zigbee, Z-wave, RF bidirectional (supports CC110), RF unidirectional (including 315 MHz, 433MHz, 868 MHz), etc. A variety of wireless technologies to meet the requirements of low-power consumption, low-rate, low-cost and different transmission distances of alarm-aware network, such as ordinary data transmitter based on Lora technology, which can be powered by two AA batteries. In the case, the receiving gateway that is about 5 kilometers away continuously transmits information continuously for more than 10 years. The evaluation alarm host is an uplink GSM + downlink 868MHz (empty 100m transmission) model product, and only needs to connect the alarm host to DC 12V power supply to complete the wired networking. Then register the wireless detector and remote controller through the microwave, select the corresponding defense zone on the host, press the “#” key to learn the code, and be sensitive and quickly successful.
◆ Rich features, security guardianship
Guardian JD-GP11 alarm host full support 32 wireless zones + 2 wired zones + 6 wireless remotes; can be alarmed by GSM dialing, SMS mode, support 3 sets of automatic arming and disarming time; provide 3 sets of PGM, Can achieve dozens of trigger modes; GSM (CID protocol) can achieve 6 telephone alarms (2 alarm centers + 4 ordinary telephone numbers), 6 SMS alarms (2 SMS centers + 4 ordinary SMS numbers); The event information recording capacity is 255 (with time and operator display). In addition, there are multiple sets of passwords: 1 engineering password, 1 primary user password, 4 user passwords, 1 temporary password, and 1 holding password.
The alarm host is fully functional, supports one-key cloth disarming of the local keyboard, and also supports remote disarming of telephone and SMS. It can also be controlled by Android/iPhone APP software; it provides anti-zone bypass, out-of-arm defense, stay-defense, one-button disarming, 24-hour zone, entry delay, exit delay, pre-alarm delay, access control zone can be equipped with alarm and alarm zone applications. In the test, after the tester configures the defense zone for the host, it is armed with one button on the host keyboard. At this time, all the zones take effect, trigger any sensor, and the alarm host will send out an alarm signal (supporting sound and light + remote alarm), responding quickly; Disarmed or in the home mode, the alarm stops, and the host is easy to disarm and control. What is more welcoming is that whether it is configuration, control, or alarm generation, the host has clear voice prompts throughout the process, which makes the user feel comfortable.
In addition to the rich functions, the team's experience advantage is fully reflected in the Guardian alarm host, and the application details are well designed, such as the uplink and downlink transmission debugging of the engineering installation, the zone type setting, the false alarm limit, the detector disconnected/low battery state. Feedback, doors and windows are not closed reminders and other convenient functions throughout the installation, operation and maintenance, application process, while at the same time not only simple and simple, so that the use of the alarm system is more comfortable.
List of alarm modes for different zone types
◆Enrich product line support
Guardian JD-GP11 alarm kit comes standard with 1 host + 1 remote control + 1 door magnet + 1 infrared detector. In addition, Guardian also provides a wide range of product lines, such as gateway, single meter / double meter A full range of security alarm products such as infrared detectors, smoke detectors, gas detectors, water detectors, indoor/outdoor alarms, expansion modules, etc., with review detection, adaptive, one-step detection, anti-white light interference, low power consumption, and defense Technical advantages such as pets and temperature compensation. It can also be connected to the Guardian IOT platform, and smart home (such as smart locks, switch panels, other IoT gateways, etc.), intelligent buildings (visual intercom series products), intelligent health (such as temperature and humidity sensors, etc.) Big IOT applies smart community/home.
Standard three-piece
Dual network GSM alarm (touch version)
feature of product
1. Structural appearance: aluminum alloy brushed panel, beautiful design, generous and fashionable;
2. Networking: All-IP design, support for PoE power supply, convenient networking;
3, installation and debugging: support embedded installation, visual menu debugging is simple and easy to learn;
4, audio and video: audio and video synchronization is good, sound, painting clear, support all-weather scene applications;
5. Extension: Provide a rich and beautiful extension to match the needs of different applications.
expert's point
This burglar alarm host is stylish, full-featured, and supports several types of wireless technology customization. It is a mid- to high-end application model. The author believes that compared with the products, the team is more praiseworthy. In just a few months, it can locate its own goals and quickly spread its product line. It must be said that it is a miracle of the alarm industry. At the same time, the burglar alarm and video intercom and other Jiade IOT platform docking, the application of large objects gradually surfaced.
Room for improvement
It is recommended to add a PIR detector product line that supports video review.
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