A8 System

2019-08-22 09:44

A8 Series Building Video Door Bell

1.Scheme Introduction

A8 system integrates and fuses building intercom system (integrated information distribution), monitoring system, boundary security system, parking lot system, door control system, security patrol system, background music system and solar landscape water cycle system through standardized networking of net wires. By uniformly designing indoor/outdoor comprehensive pipelines of an intelligent system in the whole community, the construction cost of pipelines can be saved, as well as repeated excavation and the disordered arrangement of and pipelines can be prevented; meanwhile, the intelligent system of the community can be upgraded, the capacity of preserved pipe networks can be enlarged, and the expandability of the system can be improved.

2.System Features

When the home-entry distance is generally less than 25m, super 5-type wires instead of RVVP wires can be used as the service wire (depend on actual conditions of construction sites);

The short-circuit protector has a layer spacing effect (family isolation);

The entrance machine is provided with an access controller, with IC and ID provided for customer selection;

The administrator machine can monitor 4 unit entrance machines at most, to meet the requirements of many doors of different types.

Units are networked by RVVP wires in the traditional networking mode, with the longest distance of 800m (optional fibers are optional if it is longer).

3.System Functio

Visual intercom;

Call residents in front of the door/at the area entrance, to carry out visual intercom;

Carry out mutual calling and talkback between residents and the center;

Monitoring function:

Residents can actively monitor the front of the door;

The center can actively monitor the area entrance/the front of the door;


Residents can send SOS information to the management center through the emergency button;

Access Control:

Visitors can call the center at the door/area entrance, and the center will open the door lock after answering the call;

Residents can open the door lock of the elevator door/area entrance through admission cards/door opening passwords;

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