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Internet of Things platform service providers, security trading companies, security technology solutions companies, security industry brother companies, first-class big companies and so on.
Cooperation areas and models:
Technical cooperation:
1: Professional R & D design services: The company's technical expertise areas: IoT gateway, smart door locks, intelligent switches, intelligent buildings, alarm hosts, IOT sensors (infrared detectors, smoke detectors, CO detectors, gas detectors) , temperature, water, door magnet), various wireless modules (microwave, Bluetooth, wifi, Lora, FSK, NFC, zigbee, Z-wave, ASK), APP design, structural design.
2: Technology joint development, sharing technology platform.
3: The industry's technical difficulties are broken, and the product problems are rectified.
Product cooperation:
1: Interoperability, product complementarity, cooperation and win-win.
2: EMC and EMI tests of the product.
3: Auxiliary products have passed UL, CE, 3C and other certifications.
4: Provide domestic and foreign first-class companies and certification bodies to audit the factory and inspect the service.
Manufacturing cooperation:
1: Provide first-class high-quality, low-cost processing services.
2: Provide material procurement services.
3: Provide funded services, fund risk-taking services.
Sales cooperation:
1: Free exhibitions, product launches, industry exchanges, and channel product promotion services.
2: Provide free advertising services for print advertising and online advertising.



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