E8S System

E8S System

2019-08-22 09:43

E8S digital intelligent intercom system integrates visual intercom, home security, intelligent home, multi-media and cloud talkback service, and features powerful functions, high communication speed, good compatibility, strong system expandability, high safety and reliability, simple operation, easy installation, easy maintenance, etc., which can meet the requirements of users on high-end functions, personalization and friendly human-machine interfaces. It creates comfortable, convenient, safe and efficient home life by digital technologies, bringing intelligent and humanized living experience to users.

System Function Features

Building intercom function: bidirectional video call, remote unlocking, entrance machine monitoring, cloud talkback, etc.;

Security alarm function: support eight self-defined defence areas such as gas, methane gas, SOS and so on, and support the access of wireless and wired alarm equipment;

Intelligent home function: control light, curtains, air conditioners, intelligent sockets and other household appliances;

Information release function: release graphics and text information, advertisement videos and so on to terminals through management software;

Image storage function: image snapshot, photo taking and message leaving, record inquiry and playing and other functions;

Access control function: residents can open the door by face identification, fingerprint access control, IC/ID cards, password input and many other ways;

Elevator control function: the system will automatically send the elevator to the elevator door when residents open the door lock of the elevator door;

Community monitoring function: the system can be externally connected with digital cameras, and residents can monitor internal/external environmental safety of the community at any time;

Community service function: support online shopping, community medical service, information push, etc.

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